• Evaluation of eligibility for Italian citizenship​
• Naturalization records research​ | Certificates of No Record​
• Italian Genealogy Search
• Documents procurement in Italy, US & beyond
​• Apostilles
• Professional translations​
• Public Notary Services
• Final review of the applicant’s file
• Spousal and children application​
• Re-establishment of the lost Italian Citizenship
• Registration of newly recognized Italian Citizens (A.I.R.E.)



We provide a full professional translation of all documents required for dual citizenship. The price covers the translation of all one-page American documents such as Birth Certificates, Marriage Licenses/Certificates, and Death Certificates. All other documents, including Divorce Decrees, are priced by page. Credentials of our translators are provided upon request.

​Cost of service:

​$50.00 per Marriage Certificate

​$50.00 per Birth Certificate
​​$50.00 per page Death Certificate

$50.00 per other single page documents



Our US Records Specialist can obtain certified birth, marriage, death, divorce including the certificate of “no appeal”  anywhere in the Us on your behalf.
Please contact us for a customized quote for any other certificate or documents you need (i.e. Certificate of no appeal, adoption records etc.)

​​​​​​​​​​Cost of service​​​:​​​​​​​​ ​​

​​$110.00 per single Certificate



We procure Italian Vital Records from Towns and Municipalities throughout Italy. The price includes preparation of your records, requests to the Italian Public Source, and follow-up contacts by our Procurement Specialists in Italy, if needed (calls, faxes and/or emails to complete your order) and mailing of records to your address.

How it works?

We will forward the information that you send to us to the appropriate office. We then call where the records are kept, speak to the records clerk and send a formal request by letter along with their other requirements . We follow up with additional inquiries spaced one week apart until we receive your document/s or a certified letter stating that there is no record for the name and dates submitted.
​We will not start the process if we see that there is no chance of obtaining the certificate because the information is obviously incorrect. For example, the name of a comune or a person’s last name that does not exist or other information we know is incorrect. We rely on the information that you send us. In the event the information  you submitted is not correct, you will be provided with a certified letter from the comune stating that after a thorough search there was no record found for the name and dates submitted.

Cost of service:

From $50.00 to $150.00 depending on the Certificate required

Marriage Certificate

Birth Certificate

Death Certificate

Italian Certificate of Citizenship

Military Record

State of Family Record​

$100.00 per Birth/Marriage Record Registration
​(newly recognized Italian citizen)



Children Citizenship

We can assist you in preparing the application for your U.S. born children. We will  gather on your behalf all the documents needed to register the birth in Italy.
• Set-up and management of the applicant’s appointment with the Italian Consulate;
• Retrieval of all the records (in Italy, U.S. and anywhere in the world) needed to apply for Italian children citizenship;
• Assistance with the legalization process of any records regardless, of their origin (Apostille, Emendavit etc.);
• Certified Engl.>Ita translations of all the records as required by the law;
• Preparation of all the forms needed to be filed

• Application for children’s passport