Benefits of Italian Dual Citizenship

Italian dual citizenship creates opportunities and facilitates cultural exchange.​ The main benefits are:

​• ​To be able to work, reside and study in Italy and in the other 26 EU countries (U.K., France, Germany, Holland etc.) without the need for a Visa. Many jobs and other professional opportunities are offered first to EU citizens.
• Easier to complete all necessary purchasing requirements and transactions for buying property in Italy.
• Tax Free import for any vehicles (car, tracks etc.) directly from US to Italy
• To be able to transfer the citizenship to all children under 18 years old automatically.
• To be able to access public medical care and high quality public education as available to EU citizens.
• To have the right to vote for the Italian Parliament representative in your region.
•To establish a firm identity with your Italian heritage.
• Serving in the military is no longer required of citizens.


According to Article 20 par.1 of the UE Treaty, “every person holding the nationality of a Member State shall be a citizen of the Union.” Like all European nationals  you will obtain the basic rights of being able to live, work and vote in your European Country. Also since 2008 most of the European countries are members of the Schengen agreement which allows for free movement and travel within Europe and subsequent benefits. Dual citizens feel more secure when traveling abroad,  are not subject to certain restrictions and enjoy the protection of the diplomatic and Consular authorities of any member state on the same conditions as the nationals of that State.


You enjoy all of the rights, benefits and privileges offered by your EU country of residence.  This may include health, education, unemployment programs, and pensions.


Employers see the advantages of employees with dual citizenship. International companies look for mobile, culturally aware, bilingual, professional skilled people with experience in foreign environments. Dual citizenship could help you to further your  career and financial prospects.

For entrepreneurs, dual citizenship eases the process of starting a business allowing them to benefit from the shared currency and single economic zone that characterizes the European Union without facing the restrictions applied by non-EU citizens.

For Investors: the Italian passport will allow you to purchase foreign securities without restriction, including Eurobonds, unit trusts, investment funds and real estate.


Italy has a rich cultural history. Americans with ties to Italy can truly begin to learn and experience the ltalian way of life. Knowing you have the right to vote can promote a greater willingness to learn and care about what happens in the land of your ancestors. It creates a better understanding of American and Italian cultures. It also helps to better appreciate your Italian heritage and to see how that heritage shaped American culture as well, ultimately promoting cultural understanding and acceptance.

Some benefits of having an Italian Passport:

  • Fast track lines when you enter any European Countries.
  • Facilitate access and relationship (travel, business etc.) to friendly EU foreign Countries.
  • Secure your status of Italian citizen especially in consideration of possible future changes in the Italian citizenship law.
  • It will connects you directly with your ancestors’ land and substantiate your connection with Italy (legacy, inheritance, travel, etc.).