According to the Italian citizenship law, in order for you to acquire citizenship, you need to demonstrate through a set of verifiable records and documents that you fit the prerequisites for the rule of jure sanguinis. Researching and tracing ancestry is no doubt a difficult job especially if you don’t have any living relatives that could aid the process. There are a few tips that could help make the task easier.

Basic Information

In order to prove the Italian nationality of your ancestors, you need their birth certificates, or if those are not available, then at least the year of birth, death and marriage certificates. One way to do this would be to go through census records which carry information regarding date of birth, place of birth, residence, etc. Although this provides the most valid record, getting permission to access this information may take a long time so it’s better to first do your own research to trace your lineage and then go for such measures.

Naturalization Records

The naturalization record of your ancestor is the key to determining your eligibility for citizenship because in order for you to claim your right, they must not have naturalized to your present country at the time of the birth of first non-Italian ancestor. The regional national archives usually hold these records.

Requesting Records from Italy

As soon as you have the basic information, it is now time to make a request for vital records from Italy. For this, you need to know the dates or at least years of major life events i.e. birth, death & marriage, name of the town or city where these events took place and the first and last names of the ancestor. The Italian Consulate usually requires this information in long form.

It is important that you follow all the instructions required for requesting vital records. There may be certain necessary documents that you have to attach; make sure that everything is attached with your application.

Obtaining an Apostille

Before you submit your request form, it is important to know the process for obtaining Apostille in your state. You should also know which documents are to be apostilled and their specific requirements.

The Italian citizenship assistance programs help and guide you with the entire procedure. They only require basic information regarding the ancestry and provide services in order for you to obtain your citizenship.