Our Goal

ICA goal is to provide to you the highest quality Dual Italian Citizenship service available;

Super Guarantee for full/Executive Package and Italian Application Pack

If you commission our “Full/Executive Service”  or our “Application in Italy” packages you will enjoy a turnkey service in which we handle all of the required steps in acquiring the necessary documentation – with the deliverable literally being the Citizenship Kit as you need to present it to the consulate or Italian municipality. With the possible exception of occasional forwarding of mail, signatures and/or IDs, all you are basically required to do is authorize us to work on your behalf and attend your appointment(s).

Our Policy

If the Italian consulate in the US (or in case you apply in Italy, the chosen municipality) definitely denies your application after three attempts — your entire service fee will be returned by certified check.


Due to the particular complexity of some citizenship cases, sometimes the 100% Money Back Guarantee may not be provided. If your case is not straightforward and presents many problems at first glance, you may want to proceed at your own risk.

Before to get started, please ask us whether your case can be covered by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. If so it will be specified in our service agreement.

Italian Law Changes Guarantee

ICA – Italian Citizenship Services is not responsible for changes in Italian law that occur either before or after your appointment; however, if your application is definitively refused based on a new law which was passed during the time period between the contract date and your appointment, we will honor the guarantee and refund your entire service fee under the same policy.

Please note that the guarantee will be voided if you;

– become delinquent on payments;
– refuse legal counsel (e.g. petition for a court order, etc.) if deemed necessary to have a successful appointment;
– fail to authorize ICA to acquire all necessary documents;
– refuse to attend your second or third appointment, when required*

* Note
Some consulates — in particular Newark, New York and Boston — have made multiple appointments and time-consuming amendments the norm. However, as such, how we prepare your Citizenship Kit for your first appointment will reflect the consulate in which you’ll be attending and the ‘quality’ of the documentation available. In addition, ICA- Italian Citizenship Services is not responsible, nor can predict, the date, time or availability of your appointment, or the time in which the consulate or municipality in Italy will process your application.


Miscellaneous Charges and out-of Pocket Expenses

All service fees include only the cost of the actual service and exclude any out-of-pocket expenses (as explained below.)

Each Jure Sanguinis Citizenship Application is unique to that particular applicant – with fees for certificates changing from county to county and state to state. In addition, the number of certificates (Birth, Marriage, Death etc.) and mailings required for someone who is the child of an immigrant who lived in only one state and is still alive is much different than that of someone who is the great-grandchild of an Italian immigrant with each generation of their ancestry having lived in a different state and many who are deceased and/or had multiple marriages as well (each situation augmenting the number of certificates needed).

However in the end our work and responsibilities will remain relatively unchanged and, as a result, in order to offer a simple flat rate as well as a comprehensive guarantee we separate service fees from expenses.

With your commission of one of our Citizenship Services, our billable expenses/additional charges will consist of as any and all out-of-pocket expenses that are related to the completion of your “Citizenship Portfolio” and in the process of preparing your application for Italian Citizenship.

These generally include — but are not limited to — certification and authorization costs, notary fees, agency fees (such as VitalChek), custom translations*, postage & shipping as well as room, board and public transit/gas costs for on-site genealogical research (in the rare cases when this is deemed necessary.)

In extreme cases, such as those involving major name changes or discrepancies within your documents as well as in cases where civil records were not registered, a court order may be necessary**. In these cases, a lawyer will operate under your retention but under our guidance.

For maximum transparency, expense invoices will include itemized descriptions and scans of all available receipts. Expenses will be billed after they occur*** and expense invoices are payable upon receipt.

These billable expenses generally only pertain to clients commissioning our “Assistance” or “Full Service/Executive” Packages. Clients commissioning our Citizenship Assistance Program will incur these same costs, however they will be paying them directly as they are required to personally request and collect the necessary documentation and certificates.

* Outsourced translations generally only pertain to legal documents, such as divorce decrees and name-change decrees
** This is generally required more often of applicants in NYC, Newark and Boston than those in other consulates
*** Payment plans apply only to the service fee totals.